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The Account Delivery Manager will be responsible for promoting, supporting, and governing successful delivery of projects with Valorem Reply’s Microsoft account. Collaborating directly with project teams, organizational leadership, and business account owners the Account Delivery Manager will ensure the implementation of standards and best practices across the account that are consistent with organizational intent and crafted to meet the specific needs of our Microsoft clients. These standards and best practices will also be designed to facilitate efficient growth of the Microsoft account over time. Additionally, the Account Delivery Manager will lead a team of dedicated subject matter experts (SMEs) in key areas deemed critical for achieving successful project outcomes. The ideal candidate will have extensive expertise on the needs of Microsoft Independent Software Vendor (ISV) teams, an advanced understanding of the challenges and issues these teams commonly encounter, and the ability to design strategic initiatives that mitigate these risks proactively. 


  • Establish and maintain a Microsoft account delivery governance program focused on key areas known to introduce risk in strategic client relationships.
  • Achieve and maintain a broad understanding of relevant Microsoft standards and best practices related to delivery status reporting, communications, work management, change management, intake management, and engineering policy applicable to teams.
  • Work directly with project delivery teams to ensure they fully understand their specific obligations for delivery management and client mandated engineering policies and procedures within the Microsoft account.
  • Ensure project delivery teams understand and comply with any applicable Master Supplier Agreement and contractual obligations regarding work management systems, individual credential management, resource on-boarding / off-boarding, delivery planning and fulfillment, business reporting, and communications. 
  • Perform periodic internal delivery process audits and reviews with project delivery teams designed to provide improvement recommendations
  • Develop and maintain a baseline template to be used by project delivery teams for business reporting to the client.
  • Oversee and respond to the results of activities carried out by Engagement Advisors assigned to the Microsoft account in accordance with the guidance and strategy of Valorem Reply’s Delivery Enablement team.
  • Facilitate and support the implementation of Valorem Reply’s Global Delivery standards and best practices across the Microsoft account
  • Provide feedback and recommendations to Global Delivery leadership regarding standards, skills and best practices originating within the Microsoft account that could be reusable more broadly across the company. 
  • Manage a team of Microsoft SMEs responsible for executing components of the Microsoft project delivery governance program.
  • Lead intervention and health restoration efforts within the Microsoft account when required and in collaboration with project teams, organizational leadership, and business account owners.
  • Install common mechanisms within the Microsoft account that support project teams with administrative tasks related to resource onboarding and offboarding, physical asset management, digital asset management, knowledge management, training management, etc.
  • Establish and oversee a Microsoft account “Excellence & Innovation Council” to gather and act on employee improvement ideas that can be beneficial to all Microsoft delivery projects.
  • Standardize employee feedback mechanisms to provide anonymized feedback to project teams, organizational leadership, and business account owners regarding project level ESAT data.
  • Basic Qualifications

  • At least 12 years of total combined higher education and related work experience, including:
  • 8 years of Information Technology work experience
  • At least 4 years total combined higher education or related work experience
  • Preferred Qualifications

  • 6+ years previous experience working in a role directly related to software development
  • 4+ years previous experience working as a Microsoft full-time employee or ISV in a delivery or program management capacity
  • 2+ years previous experience in a consulting environment

  • These are the traits that we hold in the same regard for all employees, also viewed as performance indicators.  Each employee should uphold these attributes as a part of their employment with Valorem Reply.

    Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Exhibit confidence and not be afraid to ask questions to bring clarity, share ideas and challenge the norm (think outside the box).
  • Actively listen to ensure you are seeking to understand before you are understood.
  • Exhibit exemplary client service skills, to all people, regardless of level inside or outside of the company.
  • Written and verbal communication skills should be professional, concise and effective.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Create an environment of engagement and participation, work cooperatively and respectively with co-workers across teams in partnership with internal and external clients.
  • Build relationships and alliances to solve problems and achieve objectives by sharing knowledge and information.
  • Openly and actively participates in the direction of our Company.
  • Strong collaboration skills, works well with ambiguity, works well across roles and groups.
  • Exercise confidentiality concerning the affairs of the business.
  • Personal Ownership and Responsibility 
  • “Own” your work – take initiative, be proactive, anticipate and complete projects in a comprehensive manner while still remembering the details. 
  • Don’t just be the student, be the teacher.   Exhibit a willingness to learn, willingness to problem solve and willingness to step in to help others.
  • Creativity, capacity and a conviction to innovate and deliver best-in-class solutions.
  • Client Focus
  • Always put the clients’ needs first, thinking proactively from their vantage point, not your own.
  • Innovation, curiosity and flexibility are expected in providing business solutions to both internal and external clients.
  • Follow through with all client expectations and accountabilities.
  • Time Management and Productivity
  • Follow through within the specified timeframe for all of your areas of responsibility.
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    Account Delivery Manager